Make a Gif and Save Democracy

Contribute to the Midterm GIF Drive

One Gif, 100 Campaigns

We are working with the People PAC to flip 100 seats and six state chambers by providing underfunded, mostly first-time candidates with the tools they need to take their message wide. We want to collect as many issue-based gifs as we can so that our candidates can get their message out on social media.

We need YOU to use your talent and your time to make some giphs that candidates can use to get the attention of their voters—and get those voters to the polls on Nov. 6.

Here’s how to participate in the Gif Drive.

Giphy will generate a link for your GIF. Just copy and paste it here!
What's this GIF about?
  1. Learn about the People PAC’s Statehouse Initiative. We are psyched to be partnering with them to take back our local governments, and you will be too.

  2. Check out this great article about gif best practices (and how to make them).

  3. Choose an issue you care about. Anything that matters to you probably matters to other voter. We’ve created a partial list below to get you started. Design and content are up to you.

  4. Make your gif.

  5. Add it to the library by filling out this form→.

And that’s it! You’ve done it!

We will be sharing these gifs with our candidates to use to bomb social media with strong, compelling messages in these few remaining weeks before the Midterms. Every single vote matters. Your work could really make a difference in this election.

End gerrymandering and improve lives.


Possible topics include:

  • Vote Nov 6

  • Healthcare

  • Potable Water (Michigan is one of our states—big problem)

  • General environment

  • Specific environment: clean oceans, clean air

  • Education: underfunded, charter schools, school vouchers

  • Gerrymandering!!

  • Gun control

  • Women’s right to choose


  • Immigration

  • Something that matters to YOU