Put your talents to work to save what you love about this country.

Calling Democrat professionals of all kinds. Visual designers, lawyers, financial planners, programmers, social media gurus, public relations specialists, marketers, writers, etc. We need your specific, specialized skills to take back a Democratic majority in 2018. This is more than boots on the ground or voices on the phone—when you sign up with Prolog, you are offering your expertise to campaigns in need around the country.

Do what you do every day, to staff the path to a Democratic majority in 2018.


By putting yourself on this list you are offering your skills to party leaders. Your name here means that when you get the call you will say yes, use me, I’m here to help for free. You don’t need to give up your day job, and we understand limitations of time, the size of the yes is ultimately up to you.


Know that this is not a petition, it is a commitment to support those working on the ground to win these elections and also a pledge that you will show up on election day, and cast your vote for a Democratic majority in the midterms.

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If you are a skilled professional, list your services on PROLOG to help get our voice back in 2018.

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Terms & Conditions

*By listing yourself on PROLOG, you agree to allow us to share this information with party leaders and any and all Democrat campaigns for election in 2018. You also agree to receive email communications from weareprolog.org. 

You also agree to do everything you can to provide the services you list here to help those campaigns, to the best of your ability. 


  • You represent us all, so be responsive. Be honest about commitments and availability. Be helpful if you can; if you can’t, say "no." 

  • Be proud, be enthusiastic, do your best work.

  • It’s not for us to express opinions about the candidates we’re working with. We’re here to help, not criticize. 

  • If for any reason you feel uncomfortable with the way you are being treated, please let us know right away. None of us are here to be taken advantage of.

  • As in any relationship between consenting parties, success depends on you. PROLOG will not be responsible for the outcome of the connections made here and cannot provide guidance on contracts or agreements between parties.

Thanks so much for signing up with PROLOG. You will be hearing from us soon. In the meantime, please direct further questions to help@weareprolog.org