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We ask you, our party, to use our skills to get our people elected. Our immediate purpose is to make 2018 the year when the Democrats get their voice back. Use us. Help us help you make that happen.


When you subscribe, we will reach out and schedule a phone call to find out more about your campaign and how we can help. We will then work with you to find the right professionals from our list to fulfill your needs. Prolog will connect you with the professional, and then you can take it from there to work together to help you win your seat for the party. This service is 100% free of charge. Most of our professionals are volunteering to work for free, but there may be some cost involved if the work requires a lot of travel or equipment. 

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If you are working to get a Democrat elected, we are happy to provide you with great work. But first we need to know a little about your campaign.

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We will reach out to schedule a call with the candidate, to verify details are correct, and to talk about what your needs are.


  • Be specific about your needs.
  • Be realistic about your requests.
  • Remember these are people at the top of their fields; please respect their time and treat them as you would any professional.
  • Let us know where there are gaps.
  • Serious candidates only.

Thanks for sharing your information. 

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